Brut Rose

Blue Mountain 2016 Brut Rosé



John Szabo -  (March 2021)

Red fruit and leafy character joins some cabbage and onion autolysis notes, while the palate is a bit sweet, even if supported by riveting acids. Length and depth are good, if not outstanding. Ready to enjoy. Tasted March 2021. 89 points. 

Christine Campbell -  (November 2020)

Delicate.  Complex.  Lively.
A beautiful example of what a well-crafted B.C. traditional method sparkling wine can be. 93 points. 

Treve Ring -  (January 2021)

This year's RD Brut Rosé raises the pinot noir to 67%, accompanied by 33% chardonnay. The two were whole cluster pressed and fermented separately, then blended and added to bottle for 30 months' rest on lees. This was disgorged with 10 g/L in August 2019, and released in November 2020. The elevated pinot this year is evident in this red fruited fizz, with red berries, red apple leading the cushioned, doughy palate. While generous, the acidity is still bright, able to lead this fruity fizz to a gentle finish. 30 months on its lees. Just off-dry with a 10 g/L dosage. 90 points. 

Geoffrey Moss -  (October 2020)

Blue Mountain's 2016 Brut Rosé ups the percentage of pinot noir, from 60 percent in 2015, to 67 percent this year, along with 33 percent chardonnay. That is reflected by the nose, which shows lots of expressive pinot fruit: crisp red berries and red apple that’s framed by modest toasty autolytic character from aging 30 months on its lees. Just off-dry with a 10 g/L dosage, it’s a richer style with a lot of charm and immediate appeal. But it shows its seriousness, and incredible value, as it evolves each time you return to it. 91 points. 


Blue Mountain 2015 Brut Rosé


David Lawrason -  (May 2020)

This pale salmon-copper shaded rose is based on 65% pinot noir and 35% chardonnay aged three years on the lees. It has soft strawberry/cherry jam nose with light pastry, brioche notes. There is a bit more flavour intensity and definition on the palate. It is light to medium bodied, a bit soft and creamy with a slightly pasty finish. The fruitiest of the impressive vintage date Blue Mountain sparklers, but it is nicely tart-edged on the finish as well. Excellent length. 91 Points.

Treve Ring - (February 2020)

The 2015 RD Rosé blends 60% pinot noir and 40% chardonnay, aged on lees for 30 months prior to being disgorged in fall 2018 and released over a year later. Brisk and youthful with crunchy red apple, cherry, orange and orange pith, this is padded with a comfortable lees layer, and (too) ample 10 g/l dosage, but the acidity manages to keep pace, bringing this a welcome snappy finish. Drinking now. 90 points.

Daenna Van Mulligen - & (December 2019)

Elegant, persistent, complex. Aged on its lees in bottle for 30 months before being disgorged in August 2018. It is a complex salmon-hued rose bubbly made from 65% Pinot Noir and the rest Chardonnay. Pale salmon-pink hue, it has a creamy mousse with bright red fruit, charred orange peel and hints of peach fuzz. It is clean and precise, has attractive tanginess, notable complexity, structure and a fresh and persistent finish. Impressive, as all Blue Mountain's sparklers are. 92 Points.

Geoffrey Moss - (November 2018)

Blue Mountain's 2015 Brut Rosé is a blend of 60 percent pinot noir and 40 percent chardonnay, aged on its lees for 30 months prior to being disgorged in fall 2018 and released over a year later. The wine is as serious as the winemaking. This pours a lovely pale salmon colour, and shows lots of red berry fruit with modest autolytic character. It's easy to see why this is a perennial favourite, though the dosage (10 g/L) is more noticeable than in previous vintages, perhaps due to the ripeness and warmth of the 2015 vintage. 90 Points. 

Blue Mountain 2014 Brut Rosé


Treve Ring - (February 2020)

Baked red apple, cherry, pink florals flood a plump palate, with a gentle oxidative note threaded throughout. Though the acidity is typically OK Falls bright and lively, it loses out to the 10g/l dosage here, leaving this a bit too friendly, and less serious, than hoped. Drinking lovely now. 89 points. 

Blue Mountain 2013 Brut Rosé


Daenna Van Mulligen - (January 2018)

Elegant, juicy, precise.  Matured on its lees in bottle for 36 months before being disgorged August 2016, then aged an additional 12 months before release. A pale salmon bubbly with notes of red summer berries, rhubarb and vanilla, hints of tangerine peel and peach crumble. Focused and juicy, the palate an echo of the nose. Vibrant citrus and fruit with a lengthy and precise finish. Stylish and brilliant. 92 Points.

John Schreiner - (December 2017)

This is 65% Pinot Noir and 35% Chardonnay. The wine presents in the glass with a rose petal hue and with fine bubbles. Those bubbles propel aromas of strawberry and flavours of raspberry. Crisply dry on the finish, this would be an excellent wine for brunch. 91Points.

David Lawrason - (December 2017)

Dominated by pinot noir with a pinch of chardonnay, this rose was aged 30 months on its lees. It pours pale copper -very little pink blush. The nose is quite lifted and complex with ripe apple/peach fruit, honey, light almond notes. It is quite full bodied, smooth and rich with a hint of sweetness and sense of raspberry on the finish. Some bitterness with an onionskin note on the finish. The length is excellent. Tasted December 2017

Anthony Gismondi - (December 2017)

Once again a prestigious sparkling rosé, with presence. This is 65/35 pinot noir/chardonnay, whole cluster pressed and stainless fermented before blending and three years on the lees before another year in bottle prior to release. This was disgorged in August 2016. On the off-dry side, with roses, raspberry, rhubarb, and cherry complemented by a noticeable bump in dosage and viewed through a haze of light smoke. Acidity remains vibrant and driving through the lengthy finish. This is a serious rosé for food, and can easily stand up to duck, pork, or roasted yam dishes. 

Liam Carrier - (November 2017)

This elegant, pink-amber hued Brut Rosé is made in the traditional method and delivers exceptional quality for its $32.90 price tag, making it an absolute steal and a legitimate contender to the over-priced Champagne you're considering for New Year's Eve celebrations. A gorgeous nose of honey-kissed scones, grape seeds, raspberries and lees gives way to the dry palate, loaded with strawberry shortcake and light cinnamon applesauce flavours and texture to spare. Drink now or hold for 3-4 more years. Drink 2017-2021. 91 Points.

Daenna Van Mulligen - (November 2017)

The Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars Brut Rosé Méthod Traditionnelle, 2013 is an outstanding salmon-pink bubbly from the Okanagan Valley. Blue Mountain is one of the most highly regarded estate producers in the province, and its sparkling wine program is on point. This darling fizz is made from a blend of pinot noir and chardonnay; it went through its secondary fermentation in the bottle and was aged on lees (the remaining yeast particles, which create said fermentation) for 36 months to add complexity. It continued to mature for another year in bottle before release. Expect succulent patisserie notes of brioche and berry crumble, alongside peach stone, rhubarb, and tangerine zest. It is vibrant and precise on the palate, with jubilant bubbles and just enough of a creamy edge to carve into bracing acidity. 93 points.

Blue Mountain 2012 Brut Rosé


Liam Carrier - (November 2016)

An elegant and silky smooth Brut Rosé made in the traditional method with compelling aromas of honey-dipped scones, grapes, sweet lees and prune fruit. A pale, bronzed-salmon colour, this dry, zesty sparkling wine with loads of texture and creamy, strawberry notes, is to be enjoyed with savoury appetisers or on its own where it can comfortably hold your attention. 91.

Treve Ring - (November 2016)

Perfumed roses, wild strawberries and red grapefruit scent this finessed traditional method bubble, a blend of 65/35 pinot noir/chardonnay. Whole cluster pressed, these were fermented in stainless before blending and three years on the lees before another year in bottle before release (this was disgorged in August 2015). Softly sweet, with light raspberry, perfumed rhubarb and a touch of anise colouring the lifted, bright frame. Vibrant and zippy on the snappy finish. 89.

Blue Mountain 2011 Brut Rosé

Treve Ring - (February 2020)

This 55/45 chardonnay/pinot noir spent 6.5 years on its lees, and was disgorged August 2018. Lovely red fruit and red florals fill a generous palate, sharpened with lemon zest acidity, and finishing with a crisp, sharp, snappy freshness. A dart of oxidation comes in and out. Ready for drinking now. 90 points.

Daenna Van Mulligen - (December 2015)

Elegant, persistent, complex. Aged on its lees in bottle for 36 months before being disgorged March 2015, this complex salmon-hued rose fizz is made from Pinot Noir with just a splash of Chardonnay. It has aromas of fresh summer berries, a potpourri of cedar chips and dried violets, peach stone and warm apple turnovers. On the palate is offers attractive biscuity tones alongside vibrant and tangy summer berries. Expect focused racy acidity and nice depth and complexity. Overall wonderfully bright with lovely creaminess. Elegant and persistent with sweet red fruit trailing on the finish. 92.

Treve Ring - (September 2016)

Light sour cherry, rhubarb, wild strawberry, green raspberry, cranberry and a bitter sling of red apple skin on this traditional method 65 / 35 pinot noir/chardonnay. Though the label "R.D. 2011" might lead you to think this was disgorged in 2011, it was actually disgorged in March 2015 with fruit from the cool 2011 vintage. Whole cluster pressed before 36 months on the lees. A welcome 10 g/l dosage helps to offset the ripping sharpness here. Pithy grapefruit bitterness on the finish. 88.

Beppi Crosariol - Globe and Mail (February 2016)

B.C. sparkling wine pioneer Blue Mountain puts as much devotion into its bubbly production as I do into my bubbly consumption. The colour of this delectable wine is faint blush, like deftly applied rouge on a pretty face. It’s a fittingly light tint given the wine’s delicate profile and high-voltage acidity. That said, it’s smooth in the middle, showing sweet strawberry and apple-sauce characters. It’s remarkably easy to drink, which might make for a very happy Valentine’s Day. Available in select private stores and direct at

Blue Mountain 2010 Brut Rosé


Treve Ring - (February 2020)

Equal parts chardy and pinot noir, this spent 6.5 years on lees, and was disgorged in August 2017. This rings with red apple, lemon, chalk, pith, orange peel, tangerine blossom, and a tight, skippy acidity. There's a lovely pad of lees to the core, which gently plumps out this wine. Drinking well now. 90 points.

Daenna Van Mulligen - & (July 2015)

Pristine, lively, fresh. The brut rose is made from estate Pinot Noir with a splash of Chardonnay and it was aged on
its lees for 36 months. Salmony in colour with pristine notes of strawberry, honey, citrus peel, violets and peach
turnovers. The palate is fantastic; berries, stone fruits, Seville orange flavours lead to a lively and fresh finish. Wonderful acidity and length with a creamy mousse. 91.

Beppi Crosariol - The Globe and Mail (December 2014)

The colour is an enticing delicate rose-petal pink, like a faint blush on a pretty face. It’s serious bubbly from one of Canada’s best sparkling wine producers, aged for 36 months in contact with the bottled yeast prior to having the sediment disgorged. Bone dry in that electric Blue Mountain style, it shows bright lemon, green apple, berry and toasty baguette flavours over a satisfyingly chalky texture. Available direct through

John Schreiner - John Schreiner on wine (December 2014)

This wine gets a lovely rose petal hue from the 65% Pinot Noir in the cuvée (the rest is Chardonnay). The wine spent 36 months on lees in individual bottles after completing secondary fermentation. The dosage is 10 grams a litre, enough to flesh out the flavours without making the wine sweet. The wine begins with toasty and strawberry aromas, leading to a creamy mouthful of fruit flavours, with a crisp, clean finish. 91.

David Lawrason- (October 2014)

This is a very refined, subtle and complex pinot noir-based with fine dried red cherry-strawberry fruit aromas with herbs, toasty and stony aromatics. It's light bodied, elegant and mouthwatering with excellent focus and length. Lovely lemon and cherry on the finish. 92.

Sara d'Amato - (October 2014)

A juicy, succulent rose with a hint of maturity. Quite complex but also accessible and with terrific intensity. Dry, nicely balanced but with lively red fruit. Great persistence, focus and length. Lip-smaking. 90.

Michael Godel - (October 2014)

A blend of primarily Pinot Noir with approximately 15 per cent Chardonnay, the Rosé bubbles by Blue Mountain rest 36 months on lees. Perpetuates the clear and concise house style, shared in common excellence with the Reserve Dry bottle. The smells of strawberries are key, the texture so important to character and aridity the driving force behind its level of elegance. So faintly pink, rusty really, this is blush fizz of the domicile kind; loyal, agreeable and persistent. It pleases from the first sip and lingers with consistent tones to the last drop. What beach sit, couch lag or special event stand wouldn't be improved with a glass of these Okanagan bubbles? 92.

Blue Mountain 2009 Brut Rosé


John Schreiner - John Schreiner on wine (April 2014)

84% Pinot Noir and 16% Chardonnay, this wine has a lovely blush hue. The aroma suggests strawberries and apples and this carries through to the creamy palate. The finish is crisp and clean. This wine is so delicious that you probably want to buy it by the magnum. A bottle is not enough. 94.

Beppi Crosariol - The Globe and Mail (January 2014)

Bone-dry and attractively chalky, this is top-notch B.C. bubbly in a fetching pink-grapefruit hue. Active effervescence carries flavours of crisp peach and bread dough, with razor acidity and bracing minerality. 92.

Daenna Van Mulligen- winediva (December 2013)

Look for the shiny new labels on the traditionally made Reserve sparklers from Blue Mountain. The Brut rose is made from estate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with a splash of Pinot Gris.
It has a pretty salmony-pink colour with aromas of white nectarine and toasted berry brioche, tangerine peel and ginger biscuits. In the mouth it offers juicy summer berries, kumquats, cedar and fine sweet spices. A fine texture and lively, creamy mousse leads to a long, crisp and tangy finish.

Anthony Gismondi - gismondionwine (November 2013)

The 09 Brut Rosé RD 84/16 mix of pinot noir and chardonnay. The colour is pale orange perfection, the nose subtle hints of red fruits and citrus. The palate is lively with fresh yeasty, red fruit flavours and a creamy persistent mousse. Wonderfully complex and as austere as it needs to be. It is a style that will be much hailed by food lovers. Turkey comes to mind but then so does caviar. Terrific bottle, good value.

Blue Mountain 2008 Brut Rosé


John Szabo- (October 2013)

Disgorged in March of 2012 after three years on the lees, Blue Mountain's R.D. brut rosé is a flavourful and classy bubbly, with fine depth and length. Fresh black cherry, cranberry and tart red cherry fruit dominates the fully dry, crisp and balanced palate. Bubbles are moderate, neither aggressive nor light. Tasty

Beppi Crosariol - The Globe and Mail (April 2013)

There’s a light, coppery, Atlantic-salmon hue to this bubbly – very inviting. Bone-dry, with a chalky texture, it shows tart strawberry and citrus flavours against fresh, yeasty bread.

Daenna Van Mulligen - (April 2013)

Look for the shiny new labels on the traditionally made Reserve sparklers from Blue Mountain. The Brut Rose i s made from 63% Pinot Noir, 34% Chardonnay plus a splash of Pinot Gris. It went through a secondary fermentation in bottle then was left on lees for 36 months followed by an additional 9 months ageing in bottle. It has a precious salmony-pink colour with aromas of peach/nectarine and strawberries, blood orange, leather and a hint of forest floor. In the mouth it offers red currents and summer berries, cedar and fine spice with a spritz of orange peel. A fine texture and lively mousse with attractive creaminess in the mouth. Recommended Pairings:Patio Sippers, Seafood/Fish, First Date, French Food, Appetizers, Aperitifs, Cocktails, Desserts

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