Blanc de Blancs

Blue Mountain 2012 Blanc de Blancs

Treve Ring - (March 2021)

A maturing bubbly here with really firm, indeed quite sour acids, and classic white chocolate and almond, blanc de blancs flavours. The overall ensemble is a little aggressive and tight, green - flavour development is not all there. Quality (depth, concentration) overall is decent nonetheless. Tasted March 2021.
Value rating: 3/5 stars. 89 points. 

Treve Ring - (January 2021)

One of Canada's top tier sparkling wines every year, and the RD 2012 BdB earns its spot once again. From their OK Falls estate, this chardonnay was whole cluster pressed in stainless, where it remained for a few months prior to heading to bottle in February 2013 for second ferment. It remained there on lees for 6.5 years before being disgorged in August 2019 with 4 g/L RS. This was released in November 2020. Led by chalk and shaped by lemon pith, this streams along the palate with crunchy green and red apple, toasted biscuit, a decent pad of lees, and shimmering lemony minerality. Acidity is bright, and the whole is elegant, through to the lingering, chalky finish. Drinking very well now, and will continue in your cellar. 92 points.

Anthony Gismondi - (October 2020)

The Blancs de Blanc is the best of the best at Blue Mountain, made in the traditional style. It is chardonnay, all whole cluster pressed and fermented in stainless steel tanks. The second fermentation in the bottle sits on lees for 78 months before disgorgement. It is finished dry and aged another year in a bottle before its release. Precision is its best descriptor, but you can throw in some chalk, green apple, citrus, and hazelnuts finished with a whiff of warm baked bread. As well aged as this is, my experience is there is no rush to drink this. Get it well you can. Oysters anyone? 93 points.

Geoffrey Moss - (October 2020)

This chardonnay from Blue Mountain’s estate vineyard was aged on its lees for 6.5 years before being disgorged in August 2019 and released 12 months later. There are no shortcuts when it comes to making world-class sparkling wine, and Blue Mountain proves it every year. This is everything you want in a blanc de blancs: precise, crunchy green apple and lemon that’s bolstered by hazelnut and brioche. The mousse is fine and silky, with a laser sharp, linear texture that's carried by the density of the fruit. Impeccably balanced, with a 4 g/L dosage, this is delicious now with oysters. But it's remarkably youthful and will only get better with time. Highly recommended. 92 points. 

Blue Mountain 2010 Blanc de Blancs


Natalie MacLean -  (May 2020)

A delicious, creamy, mouth-watering BC sparkling wine from one of the country's top producers. This blanc des blancs (white from white grapes) is made from 100% estate grown Chardonnay. It's made in the traditional champagne method, and aged sur lie for 5 and half years for extra creaminess and richness. Aromas of green and golden apples with freshly baked bread. Pair with roast chicken or oysters. 94 points. 

David Lawrason -  (May 2020)

This 100% estate grown hand harvested sparkler was aged an incredible 6 1/2 years on its lees, being disgorged August 2018. It is not showing much colour maturation, still quite lemony. But on the nose it is more mature, very complex and intense. Loads of toast, light hazelnut, hay and some vague mushroom, with dried apple fruit in the background. It is light to midweight, firm yet delicate with same great flavour intensity on the palate. Very racy and grippy with outstanding length. 95 Points.

Treve Ring - (February 2020)

This wine shows the progression and confidence of one of Canada's top sparkling wine producers. This BdB spent 6.5 years on lees, and was disgorged August 2018 with zero dosage. Reflective of the cooler 2011, this is tight, skippy and racy, with shimmering green apple, green apple, crystalline lemon, chalk, light anise to a lengthy finish. Very much alive. 92 points.

Daenna Van Mulligen -  &   (December 2019)

Taut, complex, profound. Blue Mountain sets incredibly high standards for the Canadian traditional method sparkling wine category. Their family estate is well established, their conscientious viticulture and winemaking practices come from a solid understanding of what works for their site, and their fervent belief in who they are (as an estate) comes through in each and every wine they make. Taut and nervy and made entirely from select estate Chardonnay grapes, it is aged, after bottle fermentation, for 6.5 years on lees to add complexity. It was disgorged in August 2018. A golden hue is a prelude to a nose of apple turnovers, roasted nuts, lemon curds and bread dough. It is precise yet creamy, clean and complex with autolytic flavours and a buttery lemon flavoured finish. Expect notable tension and finesse. 94 Points

Geoffrey Moss - (November 2019)

This chardonnay from Blue Mountain’s estate vineyard in Okanagan Falls was aged on its lees for 6.5 years before being disgorged in August 2018 and released a full year later. The nose shows classic blanc de blancs character with lemon, chalk, and lots of toasty autolytic notes. It’s bright and youthful, benefiting from the cooler 2011 vintage, and just beginning to show some development in the background. The mousse is fine, giving way to a laser sharp, precise palate and racy acidity that finishes bone dry with only a 4 g/L dosage. It would be easy to call this champagne in a blind tasting given its combination of restraint and elegance, and indeed I have. Excellent value, and a wine that will only continue to benefit from additional time in bottle.


Blue Mountain 2010 Blanc de Blancs


Treve Ring - (May 2019)

From the 2010 vintage, this chardonnay rested 5.5 years on lees, and was disgorged in August 2016. This bottle then spent another year in bottle before release, so this wine (according to Treve maths) spent near three years in the bottle, post its disgorgement. Tight racy green apple, crystalline lemon, mandarin pith on a bed of earthy, anise-scented lees. The frame is long to a snappy finish. Elegant and precise and delicious now upon release; the winery has done all the aging work for us. One of Canada's best bubbles. 92 Points

Blue Mountain 2009 Blanc de Blancs


Treve Ring - (February 2020)

Retasted 3 years along, and this is as vibrant as ever, now with more bottle age to mellow out the form. This chardonnay spent 5.5 years on lees and was disgorged August 2016. Light toast, smoked stone, lemon, green apple, with a subtle hint of oxidative notes creeping in, wrapping around the ripe, meringue core, finishing with an alluring wash of mineral salts. Lovely completeness. Absolutely one of Canada's top sparkling wines. 92 points. 

John Schreiner - (December 2017)

This wine was disgorged in in August 2016 and spent a little more than a year aging in bottle before release this fall. Made in the traditional Champagne method from Chardonnay, this is easily a match for Champagne. Crisp and dry, the wine has a lively mousse that delivers brioche and citrus aromas. On the palate, there are hints of green apple mingled with a nutty, toasty finish. 92.

Sarah d’Amato - (December 2017)

A fresh, racy, pleasantly sour Blanc de Blancs with light autolytic notes and impressive complexity. With over 5 years of lees ageing, this the layers of toasty, nutty, buttery brioche goodness build on the palate yet don’t overtake the elegant white, fleshy fruit. A mineral edge adds further definition and dimension. Excellent length. Tasted December 2017. 92 Points

Steve Thurlow - (December 2017)

This is a mature complex bubbly with a white toasted tone to the lemon and pear fruit. It is well balanced with very good to excellent length and a pure fairly lean finish. There is lots of nervous tension to the palate and the bubbles persist well. Tasted December 2017. 91 Points

Daenna Van Mulligen - (November 2017)

Exciting, powerful, profound.  Blue Mountain is setting incredibly high standards in the Canadian traditional method sparkling wine category. Their family estate is well established, their conscientious viticulture and winemaking practices come from a solid understanding of what works for their site, and their fervent belief in who they are (as an estate) comes through in each and every wine they make.  Undeniably exciting, that's what is in this bottle. Made entirely from selected estate Chardonnay it is aged, after bottle fermentation, for five-and-a-half years on lees to add complexity. It is a profound fizz, offering aromas of warm apple turnovers, browned butter, roasted nuts, charred orange peel, and savoury spice, underscored by coriander seed. The mousse has wonderful levity; it is both powerful and complex with grilled lemons, bread dough and golden fruits. The finish is wonderfully long and mouthwatering.
As reviewed in Vines Magazine, winter 2016.  Second review, Nov 2017: Just as precise, mouth-filling and nervy as it was when I tasted it last year. And, just as profound with that overarching acidity I love in this wine. 94 Points

Anthony Gismondi - (November 2017)

A year ago, we reviewed the Blue Mountain Blanc de Blancs R. D. disgorged in late 2016. The winery held half the wine back to space out the supply and give it another year in bottle before releasing the rest in November 2017. If anything, it’s better than ever with its smoked stone, toasted nut and bright citrus notes further integrated into a mix of green Granny smith apple flavour and a mix of toasted hazelnuts and almonds. Focus, purity and finesse makes this a market leader in British Columbia. Oysters and assorted West Coast shellfish are the match. First class. 91 Points

Natalie MacLean - (November 2017)

A gorgeous BC sparkling wine from one of the country's best producers. This blanc des blancs (white from white grapes) is made from 100% estate grown Chardonnay. It's made in the traditional champagne method, and aged sur lie for 5 and half years for extra creaminess and richness. Aromas of green and golden apples with freshly baked bread. Superb. Pair with oysters and happiness. 93 Points

David Lawrason - (December 2016)

This is a nicely firm, composed and complex chardonnay aged an incredible 5 1/2 years on its lees, resulting in lemon-gold colour and a lifted nose of walnut, fried onion, toasted corn kernels and dried apple fruit. Classic mature aromas. It is full bodied for sparkler, quite intense and lemony on the palate. Great sense of drive on the palate. The length is excellent to outstanding. Tasted December 2016. 92.

Michael Godel - (December 2016)

Blue Mountain's 66 months on lees chardonnay is an undeniable success from the 2009 vintage in which fine yeasty cream rises to the top. An expertly judged level of micro-oxidation and an uncompromising temper provided by lemon and ginger coagulate in all the right fizzy ways. At once gentle and then a hammer of ringing ripe acidity in conjunction with real presence on the palate shows just how seamlessly designed and right-oriented the moving parts are proving to be. Here the benchmark for how to do Blanc de Blancs things in B.C. is presented to us folks out east. It simply states "well if you ever plan to motor west, travel my way, take the highway that's the best. Get your kicks on Route 66." Not quite original like Bobby Troup or R & B as per Chuck Berry but more B de B like Them or of a Rolling Stones sort of way. Drink 2016-2022. Tasted December 2016. 92.

John Szabo - (December 2016)

A richly autolytic, mature, very toasted wheat bread and buckwheat honey-flavoured, cabbage and Brussel sprout-inflected traditional method sparkling wine here from Blue Mountain. Depth of flavour and intensity are excellent, as is length, too. This has structure and complexity in spades, if not quite quintessential balance, but what it lacks in finesse it makes up for in sheer edginess and boldness. Ready to enjoy. Tasted December 2016. 91.

Treve Ring - (November 2016)

Finessed and linear, this Okanagan Falls estate chardonnay is whole cluster pressed in stainless, and spends 5.5 years on the lees before a year's rest in the bottle. This opens with smoked stone, toasted nut and ample citrus notes. Granny smith and toasted almonds enter on the gently cushioned palate, one focussed and pure to the vibrant finish. Lean and lemon-led, this is a natural for oysters. 90.

Blue Mountain 2008 Blanc de Blancs


Michaela Morris - (September 2016)

Yet another reason to love Chardonnay is that it makes some of the best traditional method sparkling wines. In general, Chardonnay lends finesse to Champagne. The most elegant examples are made exclusively from this grape and referred to as Blanc de Blancs. BC produces a few gems in this mould. Blue Mountain is an intriguing and complex mix of brioche, buttery mushrooms and lemon tart with a long nutty finish.

Treve Ring - (September 2016)

Racy, crisp and fine from tip to lingering tail, with a lick of lees to build out the corners and counter the austerity. Chardonnay is whole cluster pressed before spending seven years on the lees. Ample lemon and green apple, scented with biscuit and lingering with lively vibrancy on the palate. Disgorged in March 2015. Even with a small bump of RS in the dosage, this is a shearing style for those looking for acidity. 89.

John Schreiner - (April 2016)

This wine puts on a fine display with an active mousse. On the palate, there are flavours of lemon mingled with the bready notes of prolonged lees aging. The finish is dry and very elegant. 92.

Daenna Van Mulligen - (December 2015)

Golden, concentrated, focused. Lively and moussy with great complexity, this Chardonnay fizz offers grilled lemons, honeycomb, biscuits lathered with quince jelly and golden apples on the nose. The palate is equally rich and toasted with focused acidity and a long and generous finish. Aged seven years on lees and disgorged March 2015. 93.

Blue Mountain 2007 Blanc de Blancs


Daenna Van Mulligen - & (July 2015)

Patisserie, honeyed, lively. This special vintage sparkling is made from specially selected Chardonnay that rested sur lie (on its lees) for 6 years, to add complexity. It was disgorged May 2014. Expect aromas of pears, crunchy white fruits, citrus blossoms, honey and toasted pastries. Tiny and persistent beads stream up the glass; it has a creamy mousse and wonderful complexity. Fresh and lively but with a nice richness to add depth and interest. 92.

Anthony Gismondi - (December 2014)

Similar to the 2006 the '07 Blanc de Blancs is 100 percent chardonnay. The latest edition has been aged sur-lie for six years before release but the result is the same. The nose is an enticing mix of yeasty, citrus, brioche notes that finish nutty, clean and dry. There is a touch more fruit than 2006 which leaves it a sophisticated bottle of fizz. Think oysters. 90.

John Schreiner - John Schreiner on wine (December 2014)

This wine is just as elegant and complex as fine Champagne. Made with Chardonnay in the 2007 vintage, the cuvée was bottled for its secondary fermentation in February 2008. The wine spent six years on the lees in individual bottles, to be disgorged in May 2014. The prolonged time on the lees has given this wine toasty, nutty aromas and flavours and very fine bubbles. The finish is crisply clean and dry. 93.

David Lawrason - (October 2014)

This lovely chardonnay-based sparkler shows some real class and finesse. Generous, complex refined aromas of lemon, mashed apple, vanilla and almond biscotti. It's slim, focused, juicy and mouthwatering, with excellent to outstanding length. 92.

Sara d'Amato - (October 2014)

A crisp, elegant, serene experience, the 2007 recently disgorged Blanc de Blancs from Blue Mountain exhibits great finesse. Notes of lemon and green apple with acids that are firm but not screeching on the palate of good breadth. Highly enjoyable. 91.

Michael Godel - (October 2014)

Blue Mountain's B de B is all in Chardonnay, a 100 per cent estate fruit, cuvée first press, finished dry (6 g/L RS) and left on the lees sparkler for six years. This is quite an olfactory clot of yeast, yogurt and yellow fruit. Full and widening in the mouth, the flavours expand and contract, then expand again like fizz on life support. It's hard to tell where this will go; the So2 is noticeable and though it blows to the mistral, beyond the element there are more elements. Magnetic to be sure and all over the mountain, these bubbles are confounding and exciting, but confounding nonetheless. 90.

Blue Mountain 2006 Blanc de Blancs


Beppi Crosariol - The Globe and Mail (May 2014)

Dry as a stone, with a faint and intriguing whiff of raisin on the nose, this luxe chardonnay from a leading B.C. bubbly producer shows a chalky texture and mouthwatering candiedpineapple and citrus fruit, with an electric rancio tang reminiscent of sherry. This long-cellared fizz has evolved beautifully. 92.

John Schreiner - John Schreiner on wine (November 2013)

This is 100% Chardonnay. The wine was aged sur-lie for six years before being disgorged in March 2013. This is a very refined wine, with bready aromas and citrus and apple flavours. The crisp finish, with an acidity that is still bracing, gives this wine a brilliantly focussed personality. 92.

Anthony Gismondi - (October 2013)

The Blanc de Blancs is 100 percent chardonnay that is aged sur-lie for five years. Love the nose awash in nutty complex yeasty, lemon, red apple and brioche notes. Similar flavours mark the palate with even more pronounced dry, nutty notes in the finish. Definitely low fruit but it is not a severe style. Think oysters or sablefish, best with delicate flavours.

David Lawrason- (October 2013)

This mature 100% chardonnay 'blanc de blancs' was aged five years on its lees. It pours bright, fairly deep lemon yellow and shows a fairly rich, soft nose of baked bread, toasted almond and slightly bruised yellow pear/plum fruit. It is quite fine, creamy yet piquant with nutty bitterness and brioche on the finish. Excellent length. Chill well. Tasted October 2013.

Sara d'Amato - (October 2013)

A fine, classic traditional method sparkler that has spend substantial time on the lees. Nevertheless, it is clean and fresh without the burden of heavy yeasty, bready flavours. Lovely floral notes on the palate along with toasted almonds and lemon custard. Elegant and ageworthy.

John Szabo- (October 2013)

Here's a classy, lean, minerally Blanc de Blancs, with a fine measure of toasty, biscuity, brioche character, lemon curd, white chocolate and more with very good complexity. The palate is dry, lean and racy in the best sense, with very good to excellent length. A fine new release from sparkling specialists Blue Mountain.

Christie Mavety
May 1, 2023 | Christie Mavety

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