Blue Mountain 2018 Estate Cuvée Chardonnay

David Lawrason - (May 2020)

This is a really solid young chardonnay, and excellent value. All kinds of crunch and complexity here with a lifted nose of ripe apple, butter, lemon, toast and herbs, plus wet stone. It is medium weight, very firm and juicy, with moderate alcohol and excellent focus and length. Lemon, herbal and nutty on the finish. Very impressive. Tasted May 2020. 92 points.

Natalie MacLean - (March 2020)​

A stunningly gorgeous BC Chardonnay from one of the top producers in the country. Toasted almond, golden apple and Asian pear with some spice. Yes please! Pair with roast chicken. Celebrated Chicken and Cream Sauce Wine. 93 points.

Anthony Gismondi - (February 2020)

Year two of a French oak only ageing continues to give this label a leg up over a lot of competitors in the local chardonnay market, not to mention adding another dimension to the flavour profile. The mix of new and older barriques, puncheons, and a foudre, adds another layer of complexity, not vanilla and butter. The vines range from one to three decades on the estate vineyard. Fresh and leesy with lemon curd, pear, and hazelnuts, all mixed with creamy, attractive textures. Love the value too. 91 Points.

Geoffrey Moss - (February 2020)

Stylistically, this continues the change in direction for Blue Mountain’s chardonnay: it’s the second vintage to have been aged solely in French oak, as opposed to a combination of oak and stainless steel. That’s not to say this is an overtly oaky style of chardonnay, because it’s not. Using a combination of new and older barriques, puncheons, and a foudre, it strikes a wonderful balance between fruit and barrel. The winery doesn’t list the percentage of new oak, but it doesn’t strike me as high. Rather, the emphasis is on showcasing the 12-29 year-old vines at Blue Mountain’s estate vineyard. It seems like they’ve fine-tuned the approach, perhaps also benefiting from the relatively cool 2018 vintage. It’s almost Meursault-like in style, with lemon curd, kernel, and a touch of toasty oak in the background. The palate is rich and creamy, but still bright, leading to a slightly tart finish. Excellent value. 90 points.

Treve Ring - (February 2020)

This year's Estate Cuvée Chardy continues in the same vein as last year: a mix of clones and vines 12-29 years, whole cluster, native fermented and aged in foudres, 228L, and 500L French oak, with partial MLF. After 13 months, the wines were blended and bottled in fall 2019. The wood presence is felt, with ample pencil shavings, big toast, and swirls of vanilla throughout this medium bodied, creamy chardy. They play up against ripe pear, green apple, white peach, lemon pulp and hardy shakes of sea salt that linger on the finish. At this youthful stage, still coming together, but all the stuffing is there to produce another classic BM Chardy. 89 points.

Blue Mountain 2017 Chardonnay


Daenna Van Mulligen - , (July 2019)

Elegant, delicious, pristine.
This vintage of Blue Mountain's Chardonnay offers crunchy pear aromas woven with grilled lemons, toasted nuts and spices and creamy butter. Elegant with a pristine character and deftly handled oak, it is a delicious and complete style. 91 Points

Michael (March 2019)

Full disclosure that this is being tasted in a flight of both Ontario and British Columbia chardonnay so the contrast is both curious and as seen here, quite obvious. There is a faster to ripeness aspect in the Blue Mountain 2017 that stands apart and it just strikes as so gustatory, rich, creamy and bloody delicious. It's like a perfect avocado, a sweet basil cream or a lime gelée. Sweetness is fruit natural and acidity wise, developed and mature. Such a managed execution from vineyard to bottle is recognized in a chardonnay that hits all the optimum notes. All purpose and all in. Drink 2019-2022. 90 Points

David Lawrason (March 2019)

From maturing estate vineyards in Okanagan Falls - which has been approved as sub-appellation in BC - this chardonnay was aged 10 months in barrel and six months in bottle. It pours bright lemon with medium intensity. The nose shows quite ripe pineapple/yellow pear fruit with some flinty character and subtle oak vanillin, bread crust and cedary spice. It is medium-full bodied, fairly smooth, rich and almost custardy on the palate, with a dry, nutty and lemony finish. The length is very good to excellent. Tasted Feb 2019 - 91 Points

John Schreiner - John Schreiner on wine (March 2019)

This is a delicious wine with aromas and flavours of citrus, peach and pear. Aging on the lees has given the wine good weight and a delightful nutty note on the finish. 92 Points

Blue Mountain 2016 Chardonnay


Daenna Van Mulligen - (August 2018)

Elegant, vibrant, silky
This vintage of Blue Mountain's Chardy offers browned butter, toasted spices, lemon meringue and golden fruits with nutty praline undertones. The palate has the classic Chablis grille character and is silky and wonderfully woven. Vibrant yet elegant, complex and complete. 92 Points.

John Szabo - (June 2018)

A ripe and generously oaked, toasty and caramelized Okanagan Chardonnay, yet with balance and precision on the palate.  This holds it together nicely, and even promises future development.  Very good length on smoky, blond tabacoo and ripe orchard fruit flavours.  89 Points.

Michael Godel - (June 2018)

I really like the quick to the point verve and unwavering commitment from Matt Mavety's 2016 Chardonnay.  It brings the warmth and rich ripeness of the Okanagan Valley but tempers it with calm, cool and collected style.  It also shines with early pick acidity to be sure the energy will not wain for at least three terrific drinking years.  Drink 2018-2022. 

Andre - (June 2018)

The toasted oak really does soar over the pineapple, and peach notes both on the nose and on the palate. So if you’re note a fan of oak in your Chard you may want to look elsewhere. The flavours are rich and complex with spice mingling with citrus and orchard fruit. The finish on this wine is long and spicy. I would squirrel a bottle away for a year or so to let things settle down a bit. 

Sarah d’Amato - (May 2018)

A rich and powerful chardonnay with a fresh, juicy vein giving it a sophisticated touch. Ripe pear, toast and cream are offered on the palate. A multi-clonal selection of 27 year old vines, 70% aged in barrel sur-lie. Excellent length. Wait another 2-3 years for better integration of oak as it dominates at present. Tasted May 2018.  90 Points.

Beppi Crosariol - (March 2018)

It would be tough to find a better chardonnay for the money. Blue Mountain takes elaborate care to strike the balance between flavour depth and freshness. This 2016 was fermented and matured both in stainless steel and wood, with the latter proportion, 70-per-cent, spending 10 months on its lees in new to three-year-old French oak barrels. Just 10-per-cent saw malolactic fermentation. Silky and vibrant, the wine suggests peach and lemon, with toasty-smoky depth and Chablis-style minerality. Versatile at the table.  91 Points.

Natalie MacLean - (March 2018)

A rich, full-bodied, unctuous BC Chardonnay from the much-respected winery Blue Mountain. Aromas of golden apple, toasted almond and peach. Full-bodied and balanced with a long finish. Pair with roast chicken or veal. Celebrated Chicken and Cream Sauce Wine. 91 Points.

John Schreiner - (February 2018)

The wine delivers excellently focussed fruit, with aromas of citrus mingled ever so gently with butter and vanilla. On the palate, there are flavours of citrus and apples supported very subtly by oak. Seventy percent of the wine was fermented and aged 10 months in oak (new to three years old). By aging the wine on the lees, the winery has achieved a rich texture with a long, lingering finish. Only 10% of the wine went through malolactic fermentation, leaving a wine that is bright and fresh on the palate. 92 points.

Treve Ring - (February 2018)

Pouring a bright golden yellow, this 2016 Chardonnay is 27-year-old estate Okanagan Valls vines and a mix of five clones, whole cluster pressed and fermented wild (30 percent in stainless with the remainder in a mix of new-to-three year old French oak) before a 10 month rest on the lees. Only ten percent MLF helps offset the weight and toast of the wood while filling in some of the cracks from the crisp acidity. The creamy, round palate is cut with bright green apple and scented with perfumed melon and white peach. Rich and full, with a hazelnut spicing and a welcome lemon zest tightening the finish. 89 Points.

David Lawrason -  (February 2018)

This such a lovely, bright, fresh yet substantial chardonnay - such a great northern feel with energy and intrigue. From 27 year old vines, it is showing impressive depth and complexity for the money. Oak is nicely woven here, 70% aged in old, almost neutral French barrels. Expect generous, complex aromas of yellow pear, cream, lemon blossom, grapefruit, toast, sage and stone. It is mid-weight, fairly taut, lemony and firm, with sage and lemon on the finish. The length is excellent to outstanding. 92 Points

Liam Carrier - Icon Scores Blog  (February 2018)

A refreshing Chardonnay to pair with sensual/textural seafood entrées like seared scallops or poached halibut thanks to its vibrant citrus fruit on the vanilla scone and oak scented nose and on the lees'n'mineral spiked, medium bodied palate.  This vintage is perhaps a tad too acidic for pasta dishes, but it can happily stand on its. Finish is moderately long and dry with a touch of lingering spice and lemon/lime. Enjoy now and over the next 3 years. Drink now-2021.

Blue Mountain 2015 Chardonnay


John Schreiner  - (April 2017)

Half of this was fermented and aged in stainless steel while the other half was fermented and aged on the lees in oak for 11 months. The result is satisfying complexity, with notes of citrus and vanilla in the aroma. The wine has flavours of lemon and lime with a hint of butter. The texture is rich and the finish lingers.

Treve Ring  - (March 2017)

Twenty-six-year old vines and five clones go into this Okanagan Falls estate chardonnay. Whole cluster pressed, this was half fermented and aged in stainless, and the remainder fermented and aged eleven months in older French oak. Creamy textured, but firmly boned, with apple, lemon curd and pear. Delicate whiffs of clove and hazelnut finish with lingering toasty spices. This strikes a nice chord between fresh and bright, and creamy and rich. Drinking well now with halibut or sablefish, but will impress with a couple of years' cellaring.

Liam Carrier - Icon Scores Blog (March 2017)

Another attractive and refreshing Chardonnay from Okanagan Falls' Blue Mountain. Well balanced with both cooling and warming characters on the aromatic nose and the textured palate; minerals, citrus fruit, lees, nectarine, Spring blossoms and subtle oak.  Sourced from the winery's home vineyard and a blend of 5 Burgundian clones, this cool-climate Chardonnay receives a 50-50 split between French oak barrels and stainless-steel tanks during fermentation and élevage. Lots of lees contact along the way contributing to the effortless, full-ish mouthfeel the wine offers. Finish is moderately long and dry with a touch of lingering spice and lemon/lime. Enjoy now and over the next 3-4 years. Drink now-2020.

Michaela Morris  - The Westender (March 2017)

Okay, so not new to the market (Blue Mountain is actually considered a veteran in BC), but I love this newly released 2015 Chardonnay. It’s what I call an all-season white. Round and textured, it would provide comfort in winter, yet it has that light-on-its-feet sensation you feel when spring arrives. Its creaminess and touch of peach beg for height-of-summer corn, while notes of apple and pear hint at autumn’s bounty.

Barbara Phillip  - CBC RadioOne  (March 2017)

Blue Mountain has just released the latest vintage of its Chardonnay and it is, as expected. It is a restrained style of Chardonnay driven by apple, pear and subtle floral notes. Oak ageing gives hints of toast and spice.

Wine Sisters - Vines Magazine (Spring 2016)

A wine of serious substance, 50 percent was fermented and aged in stainless steel while the other 50 percent was fermented and aged in a mixture of new to three-year-old French oak for 10 months.  What results is a wine built for the long term with rich, spicy flavours of poached apple, raw pie dough and an earthy mineral note.  It's quite bold right now, but promises to mellow into something truly spectacular if you have the patience to wait a few years. 4 stars.

John Schreiner - (April 2016)

This is a sculptured wine, with aromas and flavours of citrus and pear. The subtle oak treatment adds a richness to the texture. 91.

Blue Mountain 2013 Chardonnay


John Szabo - (January 2016)

A rich and substantial, well balanced and fleshy, both flinty and fruity chardonnay here from Blue Mountain, continuing the high level of quality that has been on offer for several vintages now. If anything, alcohol seems a touch out of whack (though just 13% declared), although overall this still works very nicely. Drink or hold short term.                Value Rating: **. 89.

Michael Godel - (January 2016)

The confident, well-delineated structure of a Blue Mountain wine furthered here, with Chardonnay you are simply and unequivocally happy to drink. Mild, mild wood. Minor, minor but present reduction. Flavours overtop flavours, like green apple dipped in mellifluous agave. Salinity, a touch of flint and just general copacetic effectualizing behaviour. Another winner. Drink 2016-2020. 90.

David Lawrason - (January 2016)

This shows a lovely, generous aromas of ripe apple nicely framed by vanillin, subtle herbs/fennel and spice. A bit creamy as well. It's medium-full bodied, fairly intense, with some alcohol heat, then mineral on the finish. With herbs and some nuttiness. Very good to excellent length. Value Rating: **1/2. 90.

Sara d'Amato - (January 2016)

An elegant chardonnay, earthy and with a touch of exotic spice. Fruit is pure and expressive and lifted by a kiss of wood. Nicely balanced with an impressive, lingering finish. 89.

Natalie MacLean - (January 2016)

A full-bodied luscious BC Chardonnay with deft oak treatment. Aromas of green apple and white peach. Pair with roasted chicken.

Susan Desjardins - (January 2016)

With a deservedly sterling reputation for fine sparkling wine, the winery showcases its talent with Chardonnay here—the Blue Mountain Gold Label Sparkling Brut (206326) was released in Vintages in November and still has limited availability. On the nose, there are layered aromas of citrus, tree fruit and white flowers with hints of spice and mineral. Beautifully balanced with all elements in harmony and satiny fresh in texture, the palate replays citrus and crisp apple with a smidge of spice through the invigorating and lasting finish—sip and savour. 4.5 stars.

Blue Mountain 2013 Chardonnay


Tony Aspler - (April 2016)

Bright straw colour; apple and wood spice on the nose; full-bodied, dry, wonderful texture, seamless in the mouth with apple, pear,  toast and citrus flavours and a long lingering finish. 92.

Treve Ring - (August 2015)

Polished and complete, with five French clones of 24 year old vines whole cluster pressed and split between stainless and newish French oak. The result is a creamy, complexed and firm chardonnay, one that reveals hazelnuts and lemon curd and subtle white flowers now with the promise of releasing more over the next couple of years. Bright lemon peel and vanilla take the lead, with subtle toasty spice support and well integrated oak to a lingering finish. Enjoy with Dungeness crab. 90.

Stuart Tobe - (July 2015)

Pear, light butter, vanilla, lemon, green apple, light lees and nut aromas. Fresh, creamy, juicy, bright palate with lemon custard, vanilla, butter, pear, green apple and honey with a touch of pineapple. Good finesse and fruit with creamy acidity. Drink now - 2 years. 89.

Blue Mountain 2012 Chardonnay


David Lawrason - National Post (September 2014)

This is a very refined, elegant yet powerful chardonnay from one of the best producers of BC. It is nicely integrated with subtle toast, spice, dried apple and a hint of dried herbs. It’s medium weight, solid and refined with a firm, mineral finish. Excellent length.

Tony Aspler - (September 2014)

Wine Style:  White Dry Medium-bodied, Appearance:  light straw, Nose:  spicy oaky, barnyard note - Burgundian style, Taste:  medium-bodied, peach and orange flavours, well balanced with a lovely mouth-feel. 90.

Vic Harradine - (August 2014)

Renowned for their sparkling wine and Pinot Noir, this will turn a few heads, as well—it’s quite focused, balanced and beautiful with great sense of purpose; dishing up aromas of honey dew melon and lemon curd. It’s medium weight with good texture and balance. A luscious river of butterscotch, apple-pie filling and racy lemon-lime caress the palate with wisps of mineral notes, apricot and mango on the lengthy finish. Pour alongside pan-seared scallops. 4.5 stars.

Anthony Gismondi - Vancouver Sun (June 2014) & (March 2014)

Green apple, citrus, pear, light butter, vanilla and nut aromas. Fresh, round, creamy palate with nutty lees, butterscotch, baked apple, lemon peel and honey. Good texture and finish in what is a very solid effort. 88.

Daenna Van Mulligen - Vines Magazine - (May/ June 2014)

This is a delightfully chic Chardonnay. It leads with sleek aromas of yellow pears, pineapple chunks, honeysuckle and tangerine around a core of spice and candied nuts. The palate is creamy and offers sweet fruit and citrus with soft buttery flavours. It has a lovely weight and long racy finish trailing sweet spices and citrus. A perfect partner with roast chicken, creamy corn chowder or mac and cheese made with smoked gouda. 4 stars.

Anthony Gismondi - Vancouver Sun (May 2014)

Fresh green apple, citrus, pear nose with light butter, vanilla and nut aromas. Round, creamy palate with nutty lees, butterscotch, baked apple, lemon peel and honey. Good texture and finish in what is a very solid effort. Great value. 88.

Beppi Crosariol - The Globe and Mail (April 2014)

Medium-bodied and firm in the best sense, this serious white displays peach and tropical fruit drizzled with toffee, lifted by lemon acidity and subtle toastiness. Marvellous. 91.

David Lawrason - (April 2014)

This bright chardonnay has style, richness and tension. Lightly nutty, smoky oak, nougat and vanilla are nicely integrated with minerality on the nose and palate. It's medium full bodied,fairly dense and firm with considerable sourness on the finish. Excellent length. Great nervosity for its size. I would age it a year or two. 91.

John Szabo - (April 2014)

Here's a rich and creamy, concentrated, decidedly west coast style chardonnay, yet with nicely balanced underlying acids. Woody-caramel flavours dominate the palate over ripe orchard and light tropical-pineapple fruit, so you'll have to like generously oaked examples to get into this, though the length and depth are impressive. It's certainly the equal of many Californian examples near double the price. 89.

Julian Hitner - (April 2014)

Pale-light lime in colour, the 2012 Chardonnay reveals splendid notes of pears, gentle lemon blossom, and a hint of wet stones. On the palate: good fruit showing, with balanced acidity, and a hint of pears on the finish. Ideal freshness, balance, and accessibility. Now-2015. 88.

Michael Godel- (April 2014)

Half barrel-aged, this Chardonnay has a silky mouth feel and as much nip as can be assimilated in a single mouthful. Green apple, blanched nuts and a metallic tickle give the sensation of chewing on crumbling stones. There is considerable girth and texture here, spicy folds and tangible tension. The alloy trumps the fruit so consider drinking up now and for another year or two. 88

Daenna Van Mulligen - & (April 2014)

Delightful, creamy, chic. Expect aromas of ripe pears, pineapple chunks, honeysuckle and tangerine with sweet spice and candied nuts. The palate is creamy and offers sweet fruit and citrus with soft buttery flavours. LIt has a lovely weight and racy finish trailing sweet spices and citrus. 91.

Julianna Hayes - Kelowna Daily Courier (April 2014)

You can't beat the value in this classic, well-balanced Chard that delivers pear, green apple, vanilla, honey and some buttery aromas. Ripe tree fruit flavours wrap around the palate with cream, honey, buttered nuts and some snappy acidity on the finish. Cellaring Potential: Drink now. A-.

John Schreiner - John Schreiner on wine (March 2014)

This winery’s understated Chardonnay is designed to accompany food. It is an elegant wine with hints of citrus in the aroma and on the palate, and with a mouth-filling polished texture. The Blue Mountain style is to ferment 40% of the wine in stainless steel and 60% in a mix of new to three-year-old barrels. The wine in barrels ages there for seven months, with minimal battonage of the lees. Only 10% has gone through malolactic fermentation. The fruit flavours remain fresh, supported by a fine skein of minerals. 90.

Natalie Maclean - (February 2014)

Subtle, yet brilliantly expressive Chardonnay! Rich and mouth-filling but not heavy. This is a wine of beautiful contradictions ... I guess that adds up to complexity. Seductive aromas of toasted almond, pear and yellow apple. Surely Blue Mountain is one of our best Canadian wine producers. 92.

Liam Carrier - (February 2014)

For Chardonnay fans looking for more than just a kiss of oak, but not a full-blown butter-bomb, the Blue Mountain 2012 Chardonnay offers welcoming middle-ground having been fermented and aged in about half'n'half French oak and stainless steel and having (mostly) avoided the secondary, "malolactic" fermentation which infuses the buttery characters into wine while softening residual acid. The resulting wine remains pleasantly tangy, crisp and aromatic while being lovingly embraced in a light blanket of warming oak notes on both the peach-brioche nose and the pear-stonefruit palate. Finish is long and dry with a touch of lingering spice and vanilla bean flavours. Enjoy now and over the next 3-4 years with further development possible. Drink now-2018. 88+.

Jurgen Gothe - (February 2014)

Fresh, light, and a little tropical in the finish

Julianna Hayes - Kelowna Daily Courier (February 2013)

Pear, apple, lemon peel, honey, spice and toasted nut aromas. Supple palate of juicy pear and apple, spice, lemon-lime and a solid core of mineral. Quite elegant. Cellaring Potential: 1-3 years.

Christie Mavety
May 1, 2023 | Christie Mavety

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