Pinot Blanc

Blue Mountain 2019 Pinot Blanc

Anthony Gismondi - (August 2020)

Blue Mountain’s pinot blanc vineyard, now 34-year-old vines (the clone is German), is manually thinned each year to keep the crop yield low. The fermentation is wild, in 17 percent stainless steel, 40 percent 35hl foudres, 17 percent in 500L barrels and 26 percent 4 year old French oak barrels, and all is aged on its fine lees for five months in the same proportions. A quiet white peach nose and subtle lees pull you into the glass. On the palate, mineral, citrus, wet stones, and sea salt all conspire to grab your interest. Certainly one of the best in the country, if not the continent. 90 points.

Treve Ring - (August 2020)

From a German clonal selection of now 34 year old Okanagan Falls estate vines, this was whole cluster pressed and native fermented in a split of stainless, foudre, and French oak barrels, where it remained on fine lees, sans bâtonnage, for 5 months. This is a rare pinot blanc that isn't boring and bland (pinot blah), or fruity and sweet, but rather nuanced and subtle, with gentle notes of white peach, apricot blossoms, lemon, over a base of river stones. Delicate, with confidence, this is drinking well now. 90 points.

Geoffrey Moss - (August 2020)

I'm in complete agreement with Treve and Anthony. I encourage you to try this next to Clos du Soleil's 2019 Pinot Blanc for an interesting comparison of two equally valid, and delicious, stylistic approaches to pinot blanc. This shows more yeasty lees character and a notch more ripeness, with late summer stone fruits that have a slightly honeyed character. But, as we've come to expect from Blue Mountain, the fruit is still restrained, balanced with minerals. There's also a bit more richness, with a pithy texture that gives this real character. Try it with a summertime peach salad. 90 points.

Daenna Van Mulligen - (August 2020)

Elegant, seamless, restrained.
Consistently elegant in classic Blue Mountain in style, this fresh Pinot Blanc shows golden pears, warm honey, wet stone, star fruit and lemongrass aromas. Mouthwatering yet creamy it has restrained fruit - think citrus and mineral rather than fruit - and a dry and seamless palate. 90 points.

David Lawrason - (July 2020)

Blue Mountain Pinot BLanc has long been one of the best in the business in B.C. The 2019 is right up there in terms of balance, structure, depth and subtle complexity, although not 'showy' at the moment. It was fermented with natural yeast and partially aged in okder barrel, leaving trace toastiness and spice, and less obvious pinot blanc character, which is hard to define in the first place. There is some peach, banana and lemon as well. It is medium bodied, firm yet generous with excellent focus and length. Some minerality on the finish as well. An understated but very appealing and complete wine. 91 points. 

Blue Mountain 2018 Pinot Blanc


John Schreiner - (September 2018)

The wine is crisp and focussed, with aromas and flavours of green apple and melon. There is a hint of lees on the nose as well. The wine has good weight on the palate but a tangy finish. 91 points.

Treve Ring - (August 2017)

Every year Blue Mountain reminds that pinot blanc needn't mean pinot blah. This year's carefully raised blanc is from Okanagan Falls estate vines, two Germanic clones, now 32 years old. Whole cluster pressed, this was native fermented in stainless and older wood before five months resting on full lees in a mix of stainless, foudre, 500L barrels and older French wood. Textural bosc pear, quince, yellow plum, white peach is grounded with nutty lees and brightened with lemon pith, which is threaded throughout. Beauty now, and will continue to be in your cellar.

Blue Mountain 2016 Pinot Blanc


Daenna Van Mulligen - (November 2017)

Juicy, pristine, harmonious.Seriously great value with a harmonious character, this version Pinot Blanc delivers precision aromas of peaches and pears, exotic citrus and wildflowers, honey and lemongrass. Just as fruity and floral and juicy on the palate as the nose suggests; great purity and concentration. Delicious. 91 Points

Treve Ring - (August 2017)

How is this possible Blue Mountain? Thirty-year-old estate vines (two German clones) farmed sustainably, cropped low, fermented wild in stainless and older French oak, aged on lees until the following spring, and then bottled. and it's intense yet restrained, with perfumed pear, lemon blossom, white peach and a snap of Asian pear acidity keeping everything taut and riveting. A vibrato of stony minerality rings throughout to a spicy, bright finish. And, this wine is a mind-boggling $18, when it could easily be and best wines double its price. The top pinot blanc I've tasted from Blue Mountain, and easily the best in Canada, if you've avoided "pinot blah", find this.  91 Points

Liam Carrier - (July 2017)

The 2016 edition stays true to the house style for this Alsatian variety; a near fifty-fifty blend of stainless steel and barrel fermented and aged fruit that produces delicate, whimsical, sweet fruit and fresh-off-the-tree acidity with hints of lees, citrus, minerals and light floral notes. Finish is generous and long. Absolutely fantastic value. Drink now-2019. 89 Points

Natalie Maclean - (July 2017)

Just when you thought Pinot Blanc was blah, along comes this vibrant, expressive BC white wine. This estate bottling of Pinot Blanc is crisp, clean and refreshing with lovely notes of lime and white melon. Perfect for fresh seafood and salads, or a sunny afternoon on the deck. 92 points

Tim Pawsey - (July 2017)

Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc 2016 (Okanagan Falls): Another serious contender, this wine comes from one of the oldest Pinot Blanc plantings in the Okanagan, dating back some 31 years. Winemaker Matt Mavety has a deft touch with oak, placing just 45 per cent of the wine into nearly neutral French barrels to bring extra weight to the palate (with the balance in stainless steel). Hand-picked, wild yeast fermented, up-front floral and orchard notes with a peach, melon and gentle citrus, wrapped in juicy acidity and generous mouthfeel ($18).

Blue Mountain 2015 Pinot Blanc


Liam Carrier - (January 2017)

The perfect early-Autumn drink with the whimsical, fruity facade of a Summer Sipper and the body and complexity of a Winter, book'n'bath companion. Floral and candied, orchard fruit aromas grace the nose while the palate offers waves of white peach and spicy melon flavours, green apple acidity and stonefruit notes through to a long finish.
#12 on List of Top 20 Values of 2016. 89.

Daenna Van Mulligen - (November 2016)

Poised, pristine, harmonious. Seriously great value. This wine offers all the pristine fruit and harmonious character we've come to love about Blue Mountain and especially the Pinot Blanc varietal, in BC. Immaculate aromas of spring blossoms, apricots and peach stone, tangerine and honey lead to a palate that is tangy and crisp with an unending finish dragging sweet peach flavours. There is a mineral textural component, which makes it all the more attractive. 92.

Treve Ring - & (August 2016)

The Blue Mountain PB is always consistently good but seldom as expressive as the 2015 is with its ripe apple and pear, melon, pink florals and white peach that flood its soft palate. Fine apricot fuzz lines and spice mark the finish. Lovely complexity and thought here and overall impressive but we miss the acidity of the crisp 2014 vintage. Thirty-year-old estate vines are whole cluster pressed and wild-fermented in a mix of stainless steel and wood vessels before partial lees-ageing for approximately nine months. 89.

Laura Starr - (July 2016)

This wine is a BC classic, but don’t underestimate her ferocious modesty. Subtle nuances go on and on, giving this crisp, dry, single varietal a labyrinthine reputation. BC orchard fruit, delicate lees, a waft of spice… each sip adds to the list. Bring on the Mexican fish tacos!

Blue Mountain 2014 Pinot Blanc


Daenna Van Mulligen - (October 2015)

Chic, focused, pristine. A common thread among Blue Mountain's wines is a pristine character like this Pinot Blanc, which offers spring blossoms, talc and crunchy tree fruits with some leesy notes alongside mineral. The palate is dry and tangy with the same mouthwatering fruit and citrus the nose delivers. A chic white with a lip-smacking finish. 90.

Liam Carrier - (September 2015)

Opens with a delicate white peach, straw and soft green apple aromas that sit gently in the glass. An upfront, in-your-face palate follows that takes these delicate notes and explodes them into every corner of your mouth with shards of minerals and citrus acidity happily balanced with a touch of residual sugar and honeydew flavours. A crisp, vibrant Pinot Blanc to be enjoyed in its youth. Drink now - 2016. 89.

David Lawrason - (September 2015)

One of the best pinot blanc's in the country is as solid as ever if not showing much aromatic breadth yet - give it six months. Not that pinot blanc is usually very aromatic. This does show fine yellow plum, and flint on the nose with a touch of sage. It's medium weight, broad yet still focused on BC acidity and minerality. Finishes with some herbs, fennel and grapefruit. The length is excellent. 90.

DJ Kearney - (August 2015)

Verdant, flinty, focused, glorious. Young and tightly knit, there’s yellow apple stone fruit, green almond, and herbal fragrance gracing both nose and palate. It’s fiercely structured with kinetic acidity, sturdy fruit concentration, subtle oak carpentry, and a pillar of minerality. All about the architecture, with great line and length, and one to drink over the next 5 years. The Okanagan shines through it. Last tasted July 2015. 90.

Treve Ring - (August 2015)

One of BC's best whites is pinot blanc. That's right. Pinot blanc. Complexities and restraint at once, via two clones of 29 year old grapes, sustainably harvested and whole cluster pressed. Sixty percentrests in stainless and the remainder goes off to older French oak for 5 months of light lees contact. Crisp citrus, gentle lees, orchard pear and grapefruit pith through the nose and medium bodied palate, where hints of honey, wildflowers, dried thyme and shining minerality swirl to a lingering finish. Bright acidity throughout, with white pepper and pithy spice to close off. Drinking beautifully now, but this elegant and finessed wine will continue to hold and grow over the next 5 years. 91.

Tony Aspler - (July 2015)

Pale straw colour with a peach pit nose and a light mineral note; medium-bodied, dry, white peach and citrus flavours with a touch of bitterness on the finish which doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the wine because of its length of finish. 88.

John Schreiner - (April 2016)

This is a crisply dry wine with a good spine of minerals. On the nose and the palate, there are notes of apple and apricot. 90.

Treve Ring - (March 2015)

No pinot blah here - this is intellectual (and delish) blanc actualized in the Okanagan. Here two French clones of 28 year old vines are whole cluster pressed, fermented and aged in stainless steel (60 percent) with the balance fermented and aged in four year old French oak barrels for six months. Complexities and restraint at once, with subtle crisp pear, fragrant anise aromas, and a lightly toast/lees palate with wild herbs, anise, key lime pith, white peach and white pepper on the finish. Bright, shining and dry, pour this medium bodied white with citrus herbed white fish or scallops. 90.

Blue Mountain 2013 Pinot Blanc


Anthony Gismondi - & (September 2014)

We loved last year and edition 28 may be even better. Lively juicy fun and fresh on the nose and palate this wine is really over delivering. Two clones are behind this 50/50 mix of wine raised in wood and stainless steel. Love the lively citrus, mineral, green peach flavours flecked with guava and pear. Any type of shellfish works here and I’m thinking spaghetti vongole is the perfect match. 89.

We loved last year and edition 28 may be even better. Lively juicy fun and fresh on the nose and palate this wine is really over delivering. Two clones are behind this 50/50 mix of wine raised in wood and stainless steel. Love the lively citrus, mineral, green peach flavours flecked with guava and pear. Any type of shellfish works here and I’m thinking spaghetti vongole is the perfect match.

David Lawrason - (August 2014)

This is a firm, solid, even slightly lean pinot blanc. Great structure with firm acidity and minerality. But it is very youthful for now, retaining some leesy and grapfruit character, notes of sage and vague spice. It's mid-weight, firm and spry, still holding CO2. Mouthwatering and juicy, and a touch green, with a stony, grapefruity finish. Excellent length. Best 2015 to 2019. 89.

Michael Godel - (August 2014)

Incredibly youthful Pinot Blanc, still in possession of its infant's smell. A combination of baby powder and unadulterated sweat, in other words, a recent sulphuring and bottle unsettling. Peering beyond it is nearly-quintessential B.C. PB. Hints of green apple, tangy white candy, lemon basil and lime sherbet make for a savoury-sweet appetizer in a glass. Got verve this Blue Mountain and when it relaxes by early fall it will be as versatile a shot of pure white wine adrenaline as you could ever hope to find. Will bring simple cohabitation pleasure to a wide range of food, from raw to smoked, from marinated to reduced. 90.

Liam Carrier - (August 2014)

This Pinot Blanc is all about finding the balance between the juxtaposition of feminine and masculine characters. Both the nose and palate sees the richness of opulent, ripe Golden Delicious apples and white peaches balanced by cool mineral aromas and flavours and a smooth blanket of citrus acidity that keeps the finish fresh and vibrant. Drink now-2015. 89.

Beppi Crosariol - The Globe and Mail (August 2014)

Ever the bridesmaid to pinot grigio, pinot blanc is most prominently associated with Alsace, where it’s often blended into the sparkling crémant d’Alsace. One could make the case that the variety lacks the potential opulence and complexity of gris, but in the right hands it can shine. Its winter hardiness gave it an early start in British Columbia’s wine industry, which has produced many excellent examples, including this one from standout producer Blue Mountain. Part of the juice was fermented in wood and aged in four-year-old French oak for six months and part of it in stainless – for a combination of softness with acid tension. Medium-full-bodied, it’s crisp with notes of pear, apricot, lemon and mineral. A beauty and versatile at the table. 90.

John Schreiner - John Schreiner on wine (July 2014)

If one needs a reminder of the contribution of mature vines to good wine, pick up a bottle of Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars’s 2013 Pinot Blanc, a bargain at $17.90. The Pinot Blanc vines in this vineyard – two French clones – were planted in 1985. The variety was the star of the Becker Project, an industry trial of varietals that ran from 1977 to 1985. I can’t say that was the sole reason why Ian Mavety planted the variety on his Okanagan Falls property. Ian always marches to his own drummer. However, this was the time when he had begun to transition the vineyard from hybrid varieties to vinifera. Subsequently, he added Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and (in 2006) Sauvignon Blanc. These largely Burgundian choices emerged from his conclusion that the Okanagan Falls terroir had more in common with Burgundy than with either Bordeaux or Germany. The Blue Mountain winery opened in 1992 and has consistently been one of the best in the Okanagan. It is interesting that Ian, who can be something of a contrarian, would stick with Pinot Blanc. As well as the variety grows in the valley, it has struggled for profile compared with more popular Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. With some producers, the wines were so bland that I once said that Pinot Blanc was “the Holiday Inn of wines.”
By comparison, Blue Mountain’s 2013 Pinot Blanc is a suite at the Fairmont. The grapes were whole cluster pressed for greater purity of fruit flavours. Sixty per cent of the wine was fermented in stainless steel; the other 40% was fermented and aged six months in four-year-old French oak barrels. The latter also was aged on the lees, with minimal stirring, for a few months to enhance the texture. The two lots were blended in May.
This complex wine has aromas and flavours of apples and peaches, with a slight herbal note on the dry finish. The wine is full on the palate and the flavours linger a long time. 91

Daenna Van Mulligen- & (July 2014)

Chic, tantalizing, pristine. Last vintage Blue Mountain updated their look; these new labels have a softer classic look with a pen and ink-type illustration of their Okanagan Falls vineyard.
A common thread in all of their wines is a pristine character just like this Pinot Blanc with its crisp white fruits, grapefruit and spring blossom notes layered with honey and stony mineral. The palate is bright with a lovely weight - expect sweet orchard fruits and tangy citrus flavours. A chic white with a tantalizing mouth-watering finish. 90

Blue Mountain 2012 Pinot Blanc


Daenna Van Mulligen- Vines Magazine (Spring 2014) & (March 2014)

Blue Mountain has updated their look; these new labels have a softer classic look with a pen and ink-type illustration of their Okanagan Falls vineyard. A common thread in all of their wines is a pristine character. The grapes were harvested from 27-year-old estate Pinot Blanc vines.
Sweet and delicate aromas of nectarines, yellow apples, pear and spring blossoms lead to vanilla, honey and tangerine peel. It has a creamy weight and zesty grapefruit, lemon and vanilla flavours. The finish is lengthy and mouthwatering.
Simply lovely. 4 stars / 90.

Natalie Maclean - (February 2014)

This estate bottle Pinot Blanc is crips, clean and refreshing with lovely notes of lime and white melon. Perfect for fresh seafood and salads, or a sunny afternoon on the deck. 88.

Treve Ring - (January 2014)

So often Pinot Blanc can be Pinot Bla. Or Pinot Bland. Not from Blue Mountain's Okanagan Falls site. Older vines (27 years), sustainably tended and mindfully vinted yield an orchard of pear and apple aromas. The crisp palate carries the orchard fruit, along with herbs, sage blossom and a bitter citrus pith finish. 60% fermentation in stainless, with the remainder fermented in 4 year old French oak before a few months rest means the bright fruit is rounded ever so with a gently cushioned mid palate. Reminiscent of the precise Weißburgunders of Germany, not the flabby Pinot Blancs too often seen here. Lovely balance, lovely package (inside and out). 89.

Anthony Gismondi - Vancouver Sun (January 2014)

Wine of the Week Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc 2012, Okanagan Valley Price: $18 Score: 89/100 UPC: 626452101210 The Pinot Blanc fruit is hitting its stride after 27 years and after two super cool years the 2012 exhibits warmth and richness. The winery mixes two French clones in a near 50/50 mix of wood and stainless steel. Fresh, mineral, guava citrus peachy fruit with bits of green pear all attract. Seafood of any sort works here although we recommend fresh cracked crab. 89.

John Szabo - (December 2013)

A very fine and lively pinot blanc from this reputable and reliable estate here in 2012, freshened by a light hint of CO2 and axed on a tight frame of acids. Fruit is in the fresh orchard, pear and citrus spectrum, and flavours linger on admirably. Fresh, food friendly and widely appealing. Tasted December 2013.

John Schreiner - John Schreiner on wine (November 2013)

The wine has aromas of peaches and apples. On the rich palate, there are flavours of apples and stone fruit. The flavours and aromas were clearly more generous on the second day. It was this wine that got me thinking that Blue Mountain whites, which are good to begin with, benefit from decanting. 90.

Beppi Crosariol - Globe and Mail (November 2013)

How often does the world enthuse about pinot blanc? Not often. A close relative of pinot noir and pinot gris, it tends to be relatively shy and neutral. Don’t tell that to the Mavety family behind Blue Mountain, which clearly knows its way around this variety. Medium-full-bodied, silky and round, the wine offers up pear and apricot fruit with nuances of flint, smoke, lemon zest and mineral. It’s got the flavour, balance and complexity to make you want to forget chardonnay – for a while, at least.

Allison Vidug- Foodie Pages (November 2013)

Pinot Blanc is too often underated. When well grown in the vineyard the results are rewarding. Blue Mountain is a family run winery with one of the most scenic views in the Okanagan. They only work with estate grown fruit. Their Pinot Blanc delivers great aromas of ripe pear, cream and white peach. A perfect partner with seafood dishes such as scallops.

Christie Mavety
May 1, 2023 | Christie Mavety

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